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The Congregational Church of West Medford is now doing business as Sanctuary UCC.

of the Governing Body of The Congregational Church of West Medford
DBA Sanctuary United Church of Christ
Sunday, February 5, 2017 (10:00 am)
458 High Street, Medford, MA
Agenda Published Jan 22, 2017

The Officers and Leadership Circle of the Congregational Church of West Medford | Sanctuary UCC issue this call to a Congregational Meeting to:

  1. Receive the 2016 CCWM Annual Ministry and Financial Reports and Draft 2017 budget;
  2. Receive a Report on the 2016/2017 New Ministry Grant from the United Church of Christ;
  3. Vote on 2017 Ministry Plan and Supporting Budget;
  4. Open Discussion: Stewardship and Sustainability: What are your opinions about how we might diversify and grow our worship, formation and ministries to serve God and our community and achieve long term viability?;
  5. Vote on extending guarantee of lead pastor contract to Dec. 31, 2018;
  6. Vote on nominations for Leadership Circle and Nominating Committee;
  7. Receive recommendation from Leadership Circle to sell or donate remaining carpets, china, communion-ware, etc.;
  8. Consider other new business as brought forth by members or friends of the congregation.

All Covenant Partners/Members and Friends are encouraged to participate. Covenant Partners and Affiliate Partners are afforded a vote.

Signed by Paul Roberts, Moderator and Bruce Roberts, Vice Moderator
On behalf of the Leadership Circle


Please Note: As per the congregation’s bylaws: “Voting is available to those who are present either in person or via electronic means whereby the member is able to listen and participate in discussion.”

This meeting will be streamed via Fuze Meeting ID: 34215710
To join the meeting online:
To join via telephone conference:
Phone: 201.479.4595 (enter meeting id when prompted)

Annual Meeting Reports and Documentation:


*Beginning with 2016 a non-profit accounting software system has been implemented, changing the title of two reports. For your information the ‘Balance Sheet’ becomes Statement of Financial Position and the ‘Profit and Loss Statement’ becomes Statement of Activity.

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