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The Congregational Church of West Medford is now doing business as Sanctuary UCC.

The Officers and Leadership Circle of the Congregational Church of West Medford | Sanctuary UCC issue this call to The 2021 Annual Congregational Visioning Meeting and Process as defined by our by-laws. All are encouraged to attend.

Find the meeting notes and minutes here!

Look through the presentation here!

Watch the recording here!

Sunday, February 07, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm on Zoom (links below)

The Discernment Team and Leadership Circle recommend this open, all church congregational conversation as the next step in our ongoing congregational discernment process initiated in 2020.  For details of that process to date, please see a) 2020.09.27 through 2020.11.29 Annual Visioning Meeting/Process and b) 2020.12.06 Annual Congregational Meeting (2020) This meeting is also called as the opening gathering of the 2021 Annual Visioning Meeting/Process (as called for by Sanctuary UCC’s bylaws).

The objectives of this open congregational conversation include:

  1. the consideration of options for discernment models to assess and consider the future of Sanctuary in the context of the continued impact of the pandemic;
    • Consultant Led Appreciative Inquiry Process (link to the initial proposal) with Steering Committee and congregational investment (see page 4 for overview);
    • Lay Led Prayer/Appreciative Way Circles (to be developed) with Appreciative Inquiry Modalities/Appreciative Way Spiritual Practices taught to all and a discernment process to unfold from this;
    • Another way developed by this congregational conversation;
  2. the determination of the congregation’s capacity for engagement in and time commitment to the process (including leadership of the process, the commitment of members, impact on staff, and costs);
  3. setting goals and expectations for implementation.

Signed by

Joanna Begin, Moderator and Liz Douglass, Vice Moderator – on behalf of the Leadership Circle


Please Note: As per the congregation’s bylaws: “Voting is available to those who are present either in person or via electronic means whereby the member is able to listen and participate in discussion.”

This meeting will be streamed via Zoom at
By phone: 646 876 9923 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 824 6632 1427; Passcode: 560196

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