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The Congregational Church of West Medford is now doing business as Sanctuary UCC.

January 16, 2023

Dear Member, Partner, Stakeholder, and Friend of Sanctuary UCC,

We are writing to ask for your participation regarding the 2023 Sanctuary Discernment Process.

As we consider the mission and sustainability of Sanctuary UCC we have decided to invest in a simple but thorough process of discernment that is designed to engage representatives from all of Sanctuary’s stakeholders in each step. You of course are key to that process! Thank you in advance for your participation.

1. How We Are Going to Discern Together:

Here is an outline of the process we have planned. This structure will move us through four short
and effective steps designed to:

● Explore our assets and your experience of Sanctuary’s mission and ministry;
● Answer the question, “What is Sanctuary to Be?”; and
● Make decisions about the future.

Our goal is to complete parts one through three to arrive at discernment by June 2023 so that we
might be ready for any transition and/or launch in 2023/2024.

There are many unique experiences of Sanctuary and we need your voice in this process!

2. An Overview of Sanctuary’s Story as a Foundation:

As a first step to participating, you are invited to review this brief overview of the story of
Sanctuary, which will provide perspective on how we have defined (and been) Sanctuary to date.

3. Please Participate In Our Survey, due January 29, 2023:

Then, we ask that you go to this survey form, answer the questions and rate your experience of
Sanctuary’s ministries. You have options to complete the survey and we will help you with the
technology if you need support.

1. You may respond directly on the form by typing and/or by clicking on the purple circle to voice
record your responses (this will take 15-30); or
2. You may request that one of our interview team schedule a phone/zoom interview (this will
take 20-30 minutes).

Once the stakeholder input has been completed, you’ll be invited to help define the next steps and
be a part of the discernment, so that together we might discern what God wants for and from
Sanctuary. But, it all begins here, with this survey which explores what we do and how we do it!

4. Join our, “Stakeholder Discernment Project Team”:

If you are able to invest additional time into the process, we welcome your support as a member of
the initial interview and core team for the next four weeks. Here’s what that entails:
● (4) one-hour core team meeting, Fridays, 8:15 to 9:15, 1/20 through 2/10; and
● Conduct phone/zoom interviews (as you are able) with stakeholders and recipients of our
ministries (ie: civic and interfaith leaders, food pantry supporter users, OWL parents and youth,
Please reply to this email if you can join for this immediate, 4-week commitment and we will get
you on the team roster.

5. For Questions, Concerns, or Help with Technology
Please email Rev. Wendy or core team member, Terri Bracy.

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