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The Congregational Church of West Medford is now doing business as Sanctuary UCC.

Update, May 14, 2014

The Crossroads process in which we have been engaged for the past year has brought our congregation to what might be considered the most significant threshold moment of the past few generations.  It is a bold decision making moment for sure—we are holding in our hands an opportunity for transformation unlike any we have faced in our church going experience.   It is an audacious risk taking moment as well—for we are certainly proposing that we go big or go home!  But, it is also a moment of courageous faith—for we are putting our history, our tradition, our stewardship, our identity and our call in God’s hands and saying yes!  Yes, God, we believe this transformation is what you want for us and from us.  Yes, Jesus, we will follow you into the city to love our neighbor as you asked and be agents of transformation.  Yes, Holy Spirit, we are just brave enough to let you transform us, to give this a try and turn to you for guidance when we feel afraid.   Yes, yes, yes indeed.

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014 the Church Council of the Congregational Church of West Medford, United Church of Christ voted to recommend the following (as defined in these documents) and issued a Call to a Congregational Meeting on June 1, 2014 at 10:00 am, with the Agenda Items listed in the documents linked here:

Warrant:  The Call to a Congregational Meeting on June 1, 2014

Recommendation for the Sale of 400 High Street to Evangelical Haitian Church of Somerville

Recommendation/Vision for a New Model of Ministry

Draft Time Line for Implementation of Sale of Building and New Model of Ministry

Please join us for the decision making that will bring the Crossroads discernment process to a close and allow us to turn our attention to the transformational model of ministry being called forth.


On Palm Sunday, April 23, 2014 a Draft Recommendation of the Bold Decision called forth from the 2013/2014 Crossroads Process was presented to the congregation at a gathering after worship.  This recommendation, presented by the Strategic Planning Team and Crossroads leadership was well received by those in attendance.

A PDF of the written Draft Recommendation/Presentation is available here

A PDF of the Powerpoint of that presentation is available here

A PDF of a Draft Time Line for Decision Making, Sale, Implementation of Bold Decision is available here.

A final recommendation for both the sale of the church’s property at 400 High Street and a recommendation for our future ministry and mission will be distributed on or before Friday, May 16.  A Call to a Congregational Meeting will be issued on of before May 18 – for the congregation to vote on said recommendation at a Congregational Decision Making Meeting on June 1.


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