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The Congregational Church of West Medford is now doing business as Sanctuary UCC.

Back to School, Back to Sanctuary

10646707_10152656173783954_5801083049934024278_nThis past week my facebook feed has been a flurry of photos of heading back…heck, I am even friends with a couple of folk whose children started kindergarten this year—although many of them are children I baptized ;-). It was so fun to see—the proud, fresh faces; the hope for a great year; the promise wrought by a new pair of shoes—that I posed and posted pics of my own not-so-little-boy who began his freshman year at Medford High. No tears for me—oddly enough, I have never wept when I sent them off to school.

Then, about an hour after I shushed him out the door (with my own sense of pride and gratitude for what a blessing he is to me) I sat down in my office to tackle the insanity of my day and heaved a huge, spiritual sigh of relief. I felt a palpable shift, the presence of a “back-to-sanity” feeling engendered by the structure and schedule that comes when summer is over and we return to the routine of the school year. And I gotta tell you, that it was, it is, in its own way—a sense of sanctuary.

With blessing and prayer and great gratitude for educators,
Rev. Wendy (


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